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9/11 Memorial SALE! See Details. | FREE Domestic Shipping $70+
9/11 Memorial SALE! | FREE Domestic Shipping $70+



Dedicated to servicing New York Souvenirs & NYC merchandise. Constantly looking to provide a wider selection of unique gifts & a better service.
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The Best At What We Do

The Best At What We Do

Our story begins decades ago, but it is only recently that NYGiftLoft has emerged as the #1 New York Souvenir & Gift merchandising expert online. We hold true to this proclamation & ask you to find another shop that provides quality, quantity & a diverse collection of NYC Souvenirs as you see here. We ask you to dabble in the NYGiftLoft experience and see for yourself.

Representing Deep History

Representing Deep History

Once Longacre Square and now Times Square the commercial center of the world. NYGiftLoft calls home to two locations in Times Square, no warehouse, no basements, just an energy that never sleeps. Your products are shipped straight from the Big City right to you. All over the world, all the time.

This is not an experience just anyone can provide. But we did.

So Much In Store

So Much In Store

Having introduced ourselves so recently, featuring our online prescence only in 2021, our plans to share the New York experience here at NYGiftLoft, has only just begun!

After all New York wasn't built in a day.

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