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Broadway Show "NEW YORK" Snow Globe | New York City Souvenir (3 Sizes)

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An incredible 65MM (2.56inch), 45MM (1.77inch), or 120MM (4.75inch) diameter Snow Globe sitting atop a base that incorporates a Broadway themed, 'showtime' style mural of major staples of Manhattan. From call-outs to the phantom of the opera to The Late Show, Times Square and so on. The base really makes you feel the lights eminating from the city's heart. The Globe can be seen holding the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, the World trade Center and more. A perfect Christmas gift or a great piece for your own collection!

  • 45MM (1.77inch) diameter Globe
  • 65MM (2.56inch) diameter Globe 
  • 120MM (4.75inch) diameter globe
  • Thick, stain and scratch-proof glass
  • Clear special Glycerin liquid for optimal snow effect 
  • Full Colored, hand-painted base
  • 100% poly-resin caste made Base and internals
  • New York City Model Snow Globe | NYC Model Snow Globe
  • NYC Travel Gift

Authentic New York Souvenir and New York Gift from Times Square, NY. When you Shop from the NYGiftLoft you are sealing the deal on an incredibly diverse and quality experience of NYC Souvenirs and New York Gifts. Whether you're looking for New York Travel Gifts, we have you covered. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lisa Sorg

Love it

Joan Zika

Recipient of globe loved all the embellishments but globe a little too small