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Your Guide To The Best Souvenirs From NYC

Best NYC Souvenirs For All Tastes & Interests

Top 10 Best New York Souvenirs Going Into 2023

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Like the city itself, the catalogue of New York Souvenirs is densley populated and seemingly endless. As you would expect from the most famous city in the United States, metrics show that there is an estimated 100% growth rate year over year for the plethora of products & micro brands competing to outperform last years selections. New York Style is ever evolving & so too the Souvenirs and Gifting industry.

Here at NYGiftLoft we broke down the top 10 Best Souvenirs From NYC & provide you with a detailed analysis of what's popular in 2022-2023, and what might be perfect for you!

Whether you're on your visit in the Big Apple, or just searching for something that holds value to your appreciation and love for the big city, we've got you covered:

1. Speaking of Love For the City:

Starting off our list is the infamous and classic I Love NY T Shirt. An iconic trademark logo created by the graphic designer Milton Glaser back in 1975, while sitting inspired in the back of NYC yellow cab having nothing but a piece of tissue paper and a pen in his pocket, Glaser drew up what became New York's Trademark logo. 

The I Love NY T-Shirt sits at the top of the list going into 2023 and likely for years to come.

Key takeaway: Being a trademark of the NY Department of Economic Development, every single ORIGINAL piece of I Love NY merchandise comes tagged with licensed labels. Normally a holographic sticker or an apparel tag with a QR code that can be scanned for proof. 

Here at NYGiftLoft, we pride ourselves in having one of the largest selections of Original I Love NY T-Shirts. 10 Colors in the classic I Love NY Tee, as well as I Heart NY tees & crop tops for ladies, Tees for kid's & a selection of I Love NY Sweatshirts & more. Click Here to see the collection.

2. New York City Snow Globe:

2023 Vehicle Globes

Whether or not you're a collector, a snow globe is a great way to commemorate your visit to any major city! One of the most memorable times of the year to arrange a trip to NYC has to be during the holiday season. No matter your background, enjoying the spirit filled atmosphere of the holidays in New York City is an incredible experience. 

To us at NYGiftLoft, a New York Snow Globe encapsulates the beauty of the city in a single viscous dome. Every shake of the globe bringing back warm memories of spending the holidays at the Rockefeller square in December.  Thus, making our list at the #2 spot for Best Souvenirs To Buy In NYC.

Checkout an amazing selection of the highest quality NYC Snow Globes we have to offer. See NYC Snow Globes 

 3. New York Yankees Baseball


One of the Best NYC Souvenirs you could acquire has to be a piece of New York Yankees memorabilia. Giving us legends from Babe Ruth, DiMaggio to Jeter, the blue blood of the Yankees runs deep throughout the boroughs of NYC. 

Even if you aren't a baseball fan, next to the I love NY trademark, the Yankees "NY" is by far the most well known logo representing NY all over the world. Indoctrinated by culture as a fashion statement worn on a hat or shirt. 

We at NYGiftLoft look to bring you a souvenir that holds true to the deep history behind the Yankees, a real leather baseball trademarked by the team. This Baseball can be purchased with a display case to shelve in style. Check out the Official Yankees Baseball Here.

4. New York MTA Collectible Train Car

Being one of the world's biggest rapid train systems, the NYC Subway system is the most used form of transportation in the city. From fortune 500 entrepreneurs, socialites to a town's deli clerk, the NYC Subway is a go to for all NYC dwellers. Visiting the city, if you don't have 'riding the subway' on your checklist, you're missing out!

A topper on the list of the Best Souvenirs From New York stands this New York MTA Subway train car collectible toy. Comes fitted with lights & subway sounds that really commemorates the MTA's significance in the Big city. Although rare to find in any old souvenir shop, we've got you covered! Check out the MTA collectible right here.

 5. NYC Themed Coffee Mug 

It's hard to imagine a bigger Coffee consuming city other than New York. An NYC Coffee Mug is a must have New York Souvenir item essential to your kitchen cupboard! You might want to go with commonly sought after mugs like this licensed I Love NY coffee mug, or maybe you'd like something a little more unique that still screams New York, like this here New York Times inspired full print coffee mug. Check out our New Arrivals Section for the latest in New York Drink Souvenirs. 

6. Statue of Liberty Replica Model


The original idea of France's gift of the Statue of Liberty to the United States had stemmed from the country's anti-slavery society, the Lady Liberty continues to stand as the universal symbol of Freedom all over the world. 

Thus, coming in on our top 10 list of the Best New York Souvenirs we have this popular 13in Statue of Liberty miniature model w/ cityscape base. A must have Souvenir NYC Decor piece to fit in display on a shelf or desk as a statement piece of what freedom means to you!

Check out our selection of Statue of Liberty themed souvenirs with many categories of products to choose from: Curated Statue of Liberty Collection.

7. NYPD & FDNY Souvenirs 

Keeping us safe in one of the most populated cities in the world, the NYPD & FNDY are integral to the proper functioning and order in our great city. Showing support for the boys in blue and New York's Bravest has been a motive of ours here at NYGiftLoft since the start.

What better way to show your appreciation and support than by purchasing an authentic licensed NYPD or FDNY souvenir for which a portion of the proceeds collected from the sale of the item is allotted to the respective organizations. 

One of our favorites is this NYPD officer Teddy Bear! Cute & cuddly, yet on duty and serious. More so, you can view one of the largest collections of NYPD & FNDY souvenirs right here. Be sure to take a look at the NYPD/FDNY T Shirts.

8. New York City Tote Bag

Walk into any department store outside of New York from LA to Milan and you are sure to find some luxury items & apparel with "New York" written on it. New York fashion is quite literally "New York" fashion. Subsequently, New York City Tote bags have been on the rise recently with locals too, repping the New York Totes to work and all else leisure. 

This NEW YORK CITY Tote Bag is an absolute must have statement piece.  Simple and chic-modern, it is quite the perfect hand bag. Here at NYGiftLoft, we hold a collection of a number of quality NYC totes in all kinds of styles & prints. See the tote collection here. 

9. Big Apple Crystal NYC Decor'

From large corporations purchasing multiple hundred pieces to the international tourist appreciating the significance of this piece...the Big Apple Decorative crystal sits at the top of some of the Best NYC Souvenirs the city has to offer. 

A more recent addition to the souvenir collection, the Big Apple Crystal hit the shops by storm. Speaking for itself, the crystal comes laser cut with "New York" engraved in gold dust just below the base of the apple. This is an absolute magnificent and thoughtful gesture for any NYC lover! 

Check the Big Apple Crystal out here, amongst a number of top selling New York crystal decor.

10. New York Ball Cap

Completing our guide to the Best Souvenirs From New York, a New York Ball Cap! The modern ball cap having originated in the 1860's by the amateur New York baseball team, the Brooklyn Excelsiors. The baseball cap has become an integral staple fashion piece in the lives of most city people. 

These souvenir hats are made to stand the test of time, breaking them in only makes them that much better for wear. Checkout this staple cap, the Pin-stripe "NY" Ball Cap or see a selection of many different styles of New York Souvenir hats right here: View Selection.

Final Thoughts.

Regardless of what we consider to be in the top tier list of the Best Souvenirs From New York City...we urge you to explore. When it comes to a souvenir experience there is truly nothing better than maneuvering your way through the many products the city has to offer and coming out with something that called out to you. 

Begin your journey with the many collections of NYC Souvenirs that NYGiftLoft has to offer you, click here to view collections.