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10in NYC Polygon Miniature Statue of Liberty Replica w/ Short Base (Full White) | Mini Statue of Liberty Souvenir

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This 10in Mini Statue of Liberty Souvenir is a big reminder of the fight for freedom that the colonies fought for in the late 1700's and the fight many immigrants have for their own freedom today. Dedicated from the French to the Americans in 1886, sitting on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor, continuing to represent progress to this day. Enjoy this beautiful & minimalist miniature statue of liberty model on an office desk, window sill or on a shelf as a collectible! 

  • One piece Mini Statue of liberty Gift
  • Polygon ultra modern shape
  • Short stage-style base
  • 100% poly-resin upper and base
  • 10 inch height
  • New York City Model Statue | NYC Model Liberty Statue 

Authentic New York Souvenir and miniature Statue of liberty Souvenir from Times Square, NY. When you Shop from the NYGiftLoft you are sealing the deal on an incredibly diverse and quality experience of NYC Souvenirs and New York Gifts. Whether you're looking for New York Travel Gifts or NYC Souvenirs, we have you covered. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Flora Herring
Cute style

I love this so much. Will definitely reorder this one!

Antoni Green
Love the design

This looks so pretty on my bedside table!